Craft a plan for change

Craft a plan to implement change Involve people at all levels in the planning and implementation processes.

An implementation plan should not be imposed on the people asked to move it forward. Rather, the people affected by the change should be involved in the creation of the plan. If people have played a part in the development of the plan, they will be more likely to support it.
Structure the plan in achievable chunks.

Overly ambitious plans are usually doomed to failure. Build a plan that can be tackled in manageable, achievable chunks.
Specify roles and responsibilities.

Establishing accountability in any implementation plan is essential. Define clear roles and responsibilities from the beginning to avoid any confusion later.
Make the plan simple.

An overly complex plan may confuse and frustrate those participating in the change effort. Make your plan clear, concise, and coherent.
Build in flexibility.

Change programs seldom follow their planned trajectories or timetables. Thus, a good implementation plan is open to revision.

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