Outperformance – Case Studies

Problems We Solve

Mastering Outperformance! At Qfactor, we’re dedicated to transforming good businesses into great ones. Our specialized services in Strategy, Growth, and Business Performance Consulting are designed to address 99% of companies’ challenges in not just meeting the customer expectations – rather – delighting their customers – driving Outperformance​​.

Empowering Through Expertise

Our expertise in Strategy, Program Planning, Transformation, Implementation, and EPMO/PMO Consulting positions us as industry leaders, ensuring the highest quality transformation program solutions​​.

Developing Leaders for Success

Through our eQUIP and Empower – Learning & Development program, we’re committed to equipping and empowering executives to deliver outstanding outcomes, fostering leadership that drives business growth​​.

Diverse Sector Impact

Our impact spans various sectors, evidenced by successful projects like:

  • Business Transformation programs for Rio Tinto (Australia) and Operational Transformation programs for Glencore in Columbia​​.
  • Implementing High-Security Solutions for Foreign Embassies to the British Government throughout Asia​​.
  • Innovation in the Education Sector transforming the customer experience for students, parents and teachers alike with projects across the public and private sub-sectors​​.

Sector-Specific Solutions

We deliver exceptional outcomes across diverse industries:

  • Industrial: Safeguarding assets like the Sydney Opera House and revolutionizing air travel in Vietnam​​​​.
  • Defence: Enhancing safety in defence facilities and overhauling key infrastructure like the Tummut Generator​​.
  • Education: Empowering future minds at institutions like Charles Sturt University​​.
  • Manufacturing: Driving growth in facilities like Mestelle Yantia’s manufacturing operations​​.
  • Corporate: Catalyzing growth for businesses like CSFB’s Australian operations​​.
  • Healthcare: Focusing on health, rest, and recovery initiatives​​.
  • Commercial: Ensuring excellence in Australian Data Centers​​.
  • Mining: Promoting environmentally responsible practices in mining with companies like Ambrosia Gold​​.

Economic Empowerment

Our commitment extends to empowering economies, as seen in our contributions to the NSW Economy​​.

Our Impact

Our track record speaks for itself:

  • Over $6 billion in capital projects delivered.
  • More than $500 million in transformation projects.
  • 32 businesses scaled more than 10x, and 4 businesses scaled over 100x.
  • Generating over $600 billion through empowered business models and achieving over 58% IRR, we have equipped and empowered more than 500 leaders​​.

Your Growth, Our Mission

At Qfactor, we don’t just solve problems; we create pathways for your business to scale and thrive. Let’s work together to turn your challenges into opportunities for growth.

Example Case Studies

The following case studies highlight how our team have equipped and empowered so many companies throughout the globe to Outperform.

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