Empowering a new age of Air Travel – Vietnam

We were engaged to develop the travelling docking system to support the new model aircraft that was to be houses at Vietnam Airways hangers in Ho Chi Minh City.

As our first project the Air Craft Support market our award was reportedly not the cheapest submission however recognised as the most balanced and professional submission and hence the contract was awarded.


Design and supply of:

  • Aircraft Support systems
  • Travelling Fuselage dock
  • Travelling Tail dock
  • Travelling Wing dock
  • Design, Manufacture, transport, installation supervision and commissioning, Integrating into Hanger structure. (installation contactor controlled by Principal)


  • Engineering and Project Management of:
    • Structural
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation design teams
    • Hazard prevention, Fire detection, Fire Suppression systems, Evacuation systems
  • Development and Management of the Project/Program Office, further redevelopment of the OEM’s Project Management system in application, execution conformance/monitoring.
  • Engineering design process review and execution conformance/monitoring
  • Responsible for all aspects of
    • Engineering Design,
    • Detailed Drafting
    • Workshop Detailing
    • Procurement control process, Contractor evaluations, and Contractor Contract negotiations.
    • Contract Management of 47 suppliers, 6 major subcontractors
    • Construction and Erection Management
    • Risk and Legals
    • Performance Criteria and Quality outcomes
    • Commissioning and 3 month operation.
  • Safety system development and execution conformance


Design phase team consisted of:

  • 1 x Lead designer
  • 4 x Engineers,
  • 8 x Drafters ( 2 structural, 2 mechanical, 2 Electrical/instrumentation, 2 Hydraulic),
  • 1 x PLC/SCADA designers

Construction phase team consisted of:

  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Manager
  • 1 x Safety Manager
  • 1 x Construction Engineer
  • 1 x Fabrication contractor
  • 1 x Electrical contractor
  • 1 x Erection/Construction contractor
  • 5 x Functional Suppliers