Mission X – Mission-focused Investment Trust

Qfactor and Mission X partner to develop an Intergenerational Trust Fund!

“Equipping and Empowering Generations of Ministry Leader in Training & Development”

MissionX Founder – M Slatter

We are excited to offer a unique investment vehicle with an eternal perspective, to Equip and Empower Generations of Ministry Leader in Training & Development.

Our fund has been established with the sole purpose of distributing dividends to church mission planting and Ministry Training Apprentices and Ministry Training Support Services.

Investment Thesis Summary

Our fund is a Unit Trust that invests only in equities that align with our ultra-long-term goals. We focus on industries with longer runways in front of them than behind them, which are focused on ultra-high free cash flow growth potential in established, establishing and emerging industries.

Our investment thesis has shown that investing in these industries has an outsized potential to provide outsized returns, maximising the compounding growth in dividend distributions to Ministry Training Apprentices and Ministry Training Support Services for generations to come.

Sole Purpose

We are proud to offer an investment opportunity for Christians, by Christians, distributing dividends for the sole purpose of offering grants to Ministry Training Apprentices and Ministry Training Support Services. The sole purpose of accelerating the growth of ministry work by funding more ministry training places. By investing in our Fund, you are not only generating attractive long-term returns, but making a meaningful impact in the world through the support of sending missionaries into the world to offer the hope of Jesus.

Join us in our mission to support church mission planting and ministry training candidates by investing in our Intergenerational Trust Fund. Contact us today to learn more about this unique investment opportunity and start making a difference in the world today!

Investment Thesis Outline

Our Fund focuses on investing in high-growth established and establishing equities, that have become both profitable and have strong free cash flows, with long runways of growth before them. We understand that these companies are well-positioned to transform and disrupt old economy legacy industries, creating new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our diversified investment strategy ensures that our Fund is invested across a range of industries and sectors, helping to manage risk and enhance returns. By investing in a mix of both established and emerging industries, we aim to capture growth opportunities throughout the macro life cycle of the economy, industry segment and companies.

Our investment philosophy is built around intergenerational compounding growth, which means that your investment can continue to grow and generate dividends for generations to come. This is because our Investment team leadership, and the thesis focus on understanding the businesses, their Life Time opportunity and section criteria that have an investment horizon of decades, not years, creating a powerful compounding effect over time.

We believe that our High Growth Fund offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world while also generating attractive long-term returns. Contact us today to learn more about our investment philosophy and how you can invest in our Fund to support ministry training places and accelerate the growth of the ministry work.

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