Working Christmas to New Year? 

It’s no fun when you’re alone in the office and every email you send gets an autoresponder, reminding you that you’re the only one who’s not on holidays. But there are benefits to working when everyone else isn’t. You can use the alone time for:
Focused work. This is the perfect time to tackle important projects you’ve been putting off. Work on tasks that require the uninterrupted time you rarely get, like developing your go-to-market strategy or launching a new podcast.

Tidying up. Devote a day or two to cleaning up those minor tasks that have been impeding your productivity throughout the year. Perhaps it’s cleaning off your desk so you can find your files when you need them, or finally getting all of your expense reports squared away, or writing a recommendation letter for your former intern.

Networking. Chances are good that you aren’t the only person in the office this week. Connect with people who are also working and schedule a long lunch or coffee to reconnect.

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