Delicate easier

All managers know they’re supposed to delegate, but too many of them are still doing too much themselves. What’s an overburdened manager supposed to do? First, pay attention. If you’re swamped, and especially if you find yourself having to say no to new work, this is a sign that you may not be delegating enough. Come up with a process that lets you delegate something and be done with it. Delegation is useless if you have to spend time managing the process or answering follow-up questions. Delegating well requires efficient, clear communication. Minimize time spent in meetings, but not to the point that you need to have the same conversation twice. And don’t forget to have processes in place — ideally ones that require little of your time — to check your staff’s work so that you can trust it. Invest in resources that will make delegation easier. If there’s a new technology that lowers coordination costs and makes collaboration easier, don’t skimp. Making delegation as seamless as possible is always a good investment.

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