FutureProofQ is a revolutionary product that comes to you from our Analytics team. Within every business there is operational waste that, as a cost to the business or “negative externality” that if fixed, the money drops to the bottom line and boosts profit.

Our view is that every business should be in the business of eliminating “negative externalities”, to boost profit.

Our FutureProofQ product does exactly that, it:

  1. Identifies the areas where costs can be drastically reduced
  2. Identifies a cost effective solution in implementing the cost saving solution
  3. Demonstrates the Cost Benefit in executing
  4. Presents the business case for your approval
  5. Finances the upfront costs of implementing the solution
  6. Funds the repayment of the financing from Gaurenteed savings
  7. Ensures the savings are delivered year after year for the Gaurenteed period

What have we been able to deliver for other clients?

“Typically we have delivered greater than 40% savings, from day 1”

“For some customers thats $100,000 per year”

As you can see from the business case chart below, we consider all actual current day costs and compare them to our scientifically calculated future costs.

Over the 5 years we have been offering this product, we have seen 100’s of customers benefit from this productline that has transformed the profitiability of thier businesses.

Key features of the FutureProofQ product are:

  1. FutureProofQ assessment and application free of charge
  2. Upon approval, FutureProofQ finances the upgrades that unlocks the extranalities
  3. Full design, supply, installation, implementation, commissioning and operation included
  4. FutureProofQ Warrenty for minimum of 5 years and up to 15 years
  5. FutureProofQ Service and Preventative maintenance for the full FutureProof period (the warrenty period – 5 years and up to 15 years)
  6. FutureProofQ takes full performance responcibility for the management of the asset
  7. Ensures zero failures due to our best practice Asset Management processes by the Subject Matter experts
  8. Assets monitored centrally with IoT to ensure we know about issues before you are impacted
  9. Asset Management Costs are predicatable, transperent and reliable.

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Without FutureProofQ, you are needlessly spending your profits.